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Education in online and print media

The Didacta Association maintains a well-established online and print media network in German. It informs educators and the general public about developments and issues related to education policy, goals, media and offerings from businesses in the education industry. Information from this network reaches administrators, teachers and parents, as well as government and political figures – directly and without distribution losses.

The media network is comprised of four print publications and three online portals. Each media format has its own characteristic profile backed up by high and professional journalistic quality.

  • didacta magazine is the only German trade publication dedicated to lifelong learning.

  • Meine Kita is among the most circulated trade publications for preschool teachers in Germany.

  • Bildungspraxis is the professional journal dedicated to vocational training and education.

  • didacta Infodienst addresses current socially relevant topics, considers these issues from various standpoints, and encourages dialogue on education.

  • bildungsklick.de is the digital platform for information related to education in the German-speaking region.

  • fruehe-bildung.online is the news and professional portal serving educators responsible for the age group 0 to 13 years.