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The Didacta Association in brief

Because education needs a lobby, we actively participate in the public debate when it comes to improving and enhancing education systems.

Our goal is to make education available to everyone. The Didacta Association advocates that education and integration are matters of relevance to society as a whole, and that it is the responsibility of all key members of society to work in unison to ensure that educational opportunities are available to all.

We open up new perspectives for education. The Didacta Association accepts the challenges posed by digital transformation and promotes the continuous and innovative development of educational systems.

We promote dialogue with decisionmakers and the education market – for example, through strategic publication of information about our members’ businesses and organizations. To support the principles of supply and demand in the education market, we encourage contacts and the transfer of information among market participants.

Our association sponsors the internationally renowned professional trade fair for the education industry – the “didacta.” Every year we host this conference and exhibition, which is the largest event of its kind for educators and related businesses.

We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the quality of lifelong learning. Of course, this hinges upon the availability of well-trained educators and administrators, which is why the Didacta Association proactively supports qualification programs for professional, vocational, continuing and lifelong learning. Throughout the year we conduct symposiums, forums and conferences for a representative target group comprised of interested educators, teachers and faculty.
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“Education needs a strong network that is committed to achieving higher quality and greater opportunities for everyone.”
Dr. Theodor Niehaus
Dr. Theodor Niehaus

Didacta supports education worldwide

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