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Core areas of activity


Fairs and Events

We are the main conceptual partner of the largest specialised education trade fair "didacta - die Bildungsmesse", which attracts up to 110,000 visitors every year. The venue alternates between Cologne, Stuttgart and Hanover. Besides being an excellent networking opportunity for companies, distributors and their clients, the didacta is also the single largest event for professional development in the education sector. Every year, up to 24,000 teachers and staff of educational establishments take part in hundreds of dedicated seminars and workshops.

Apart from the didacta, we have an extensive programme of events running through the year including conferences and the participation at other trade fairs.

International Marketing of the German Education Industry

Global markets are becoming increasingly important for Germany´s education industry, which is why we always work from an international perspective. Therefore, we facilitate the participation at international trade fairs and take part at international conferences. We are currently focusing on South Asia, South-East Asia, South America and the Arab world.


Information Services

We provide and promote information about our member companies and their respective industries.

Our magazine didacta - das Magazin für lebenslanges Lernen is published quarterly and includes practical articles, tips and ideas on all fields of education. The magazin Meine Kita - das didacta Magazin für den Elementarbereich is also published quarterly and is targeted at those working in early childhood education.

Our website provides information from around the world of education and contains news on education policy and research, market information from Germany and abroad, details on newcomers to the industry and an easy-to-use company and product search function. is an online channel for videos exploring education issues. (Photo: © Tommy Ingberg/ 


We strive to facilitate interaction and communication amongst our member organisations to develop greater exchange of views, knowledge and experience. We achieve this through our events and committees, in which representatives from member companies are encouraged to participate. Our members shape the content and outputs of our activities, gaining maximum benefit for their membership. To improve educational opportunities for everyone is the common goal that unites and strengthens us.

Another key objective is to build up partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders in the education sector, in Germany as well as abroad. (Photo: Stiftung Partner für Schule NRW)

Lobbying for the Reform of the Education System

On behalf of the interest of our member companies, we take active part in the political and public debates about the reform of the educational systems in Germany.