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About the Education Fair

The popularity of "didacta - die Bildungsmesse" extends well beyond Germany, so it makes perfect sense to describe it as a European education summit.

Every year, the event brings together everyone involved in providing education: early childhood teachers, schoolteachers, lecturers, political and administrative decision-makers, education researchers, and parents. It provides a platform for information, exchange and professional development.

Up to 110,000 visitors benefit from the didacta's three-part structure that comprises the exhibition, a further training programme, and a forum on education policy.

The exhibition brings together innovations and proven solutions for success in education. Around 850 companies and associations participate, providing visitors with information on practical products and educational concepts for lifelong learning.

The exhibition focuses on four levels of education: early childhood education, schools and universities, training and qualifications, and continuing education and consulting. They are marked out clearly so that visitors can quickly and easily find their way around the halls. The didacta also encourages visitors to explore fields outside their usual area of expertise. Overarching topics, like digital learning and learning outside school, are presented in separate exhibition areas.

With 2,000 presentations, seminars and workshops, the didacta is the biggest further training event for teachers.

The didacta is also a regular feature on the calendars of politicians involved in education at the municipal, state and national levels. In numerous presentations and discussions, they address the issues that directly affect those working in the field.