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About Didacta

The Didacta Association of the German Education Industry pursues three main goals:
  • we represent the interests of businesses and organisations in Germany and abroad;
  • we improve market opportunities in Germany and abroad;
  • we promote high-quality teaching and learning materials, and ensure that all places of learning have the equipment and resources that they need.

An association thrives on unity - and we are no different. We represent more than 250 businesses and organisations. The list of our members is highly diverse and includes equipment suppliers and fitters, retailers and publishing houses, producers of educational materials, IT companies, service providers, and specialist organisations.


We're behind education

Education needs a lobby. That's why we get involved in debates on expanding and improving education systems, and adopt clear positions on issues of education policy. We also inform the public of important developments and innovations in the education industry.

Didacta publishes two German-language journals every quarter: didacta - das Magazin für lebenslanges Lernen (for lifelong learning) and Meine Kita - das didacta Magazin für den Elementarbereich (for early childhood education). Both publications offer practical support and articles for teachers.

We maintain dialogue with the decision-makers in the education market, and position information from our member businesses and organisations where it is needed. To establish meaningful links between market supply and demand, we encourage market players to communicate and share knowledge with each other. We also make sure this happens face-to-face by holding "didacta - die Bildungsmesse" every year. This unique event is the largest trade fair of its kind in Europe and a summit meeting for the education industry as a whole.